Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Pardes: Harjeet gets to know that Ahana’s surrogate is carrying Khurana’s child. She tries to find out who is the woman holding her family’s heir. She promises Ahana that she will kill her child, just like she got Ahana killed in an accident. Khurana does not know Harjeet’s true face and believes she is a more loving than any real mother would be. Harjeet will be soon finding out that Naina is Ahana’s surrogate.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Shwetlana plans to give drugs to Omkara by which he will lose out his mind. Shwetlana knows Omkara’s weakness and tries to exploit it. She says I will make Omkara to vulnerable that he will not be able to defend my evil plans. She wants to make plans such that Omkara does not even believe in himself. Gauri hears Shwetlana’s cheap plans to make Omkara break down.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman is blamed for Vandu’s accident and death. Raman tries to find out from police about the culprit. Inspector arrests Raman for the crime and tells the family that Raman’s car was spotted hitting Vandu in the CCTV footage. Raman does not know what to say and accepts the blame without any denial.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj finds Baby behind the incidents happening at home. He does not have any solid proof. Krishna and Saiyyam get together and have same suspicions against Baby. However, Baby sees Yuvraaj dominating the house and thinks to find some solution. Baby manipulates Dadi and asks Dadi to get Yuvraaj married to her. Dadi gets Yuvraaj and Baby married, which comes as a shock for Suhani when she returns home. Baby challenges Suhani to save her family.


Neil, Riya, Ali and Avni dance in the Holi celebrations. Both the families are celebrating. Avni did not wish Khannas family to come. Everything gets fine between Khannas and Mehtas. Avni was trying to avoid Neil. She hides from Neil thinking he is doubting on her. She tries to leave from the party. Neil comes in her way and stops her. Neil gets suspicious about her.


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