Chulbul bags the evidence unknowingly in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara’s investigator gets murdered. The evidence falls in Gauri’s bag. Gauri and Omkara worry seeing the man’s state. The man breathes his last. Omkara thinks of the murders happening in the quest for Shwetlana’s secrets. Omkara tries to leave with Chulbul. The factory catches fire. Gauri fears. Omkara holds her hand and asks her to trust him. Omkara safeguards Gauri’s life.

They find the doors jammed. Gauri says emergency doors should be opened in such fire incident. Omkara tells its chemical factory, so emergency doors get shut to stop the chemical leakage in the vicinity.

Tej does not want to pay alimony to Jhanvi. He argues with Jhavni. He clears to her that he won’t give her anything. Jhanvi asks Tej not to behave like a kid, and talk to a lawyer to know about alimony. Tej says you won’t get anyone’s sympathy after I drag you to court. Jhanvi asks him to invest time in arranging alimony. She gives him a good answer. Jhanvi and Buamaa trouble Shwetlana and Tej. Jhanvi threatens to electrocute them. She reminds Tej how he tried to burn her alive. She scares Tej and asks him to realize how it feels seeing death.

Omkara gets to see Maya trapped in the fire. He rushes to help out Maya, but in vain. Gauri looks for Omkara. Gauri finds the exit way and asks Omkara to come. Omkara tries his best to save Maya. They don’t see Maya. Gauri asks Omkara to come fast, there is no one here. Omkara gets disturbed after the two deaths he witnessed. Gauri feels helpless seeing Omkara breaking down. She does not see the evidence the investigator placed in her bag before his death. Gauri has belief that Lord will help Omkara.


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