Prem’s truth to shock Bharadwajs in Sasural Simar Ka


Mata ji gets a big shock. Simar gets a letter from Prem. Simar reads the letter in front of everyone. Prem has admitted his mistakes. He writes he had an illegitimate affair with Pooja, and Radha is his daughter. Mata ji cries and says Prem was very good valued, and he can never do this. She gets upset and angrily burns Prem’s pictures and clothes. Everyone asks Mata ji what is she doing.

Mata ji says none will take Prem’s name in this house, we all will forget that Prem stayed in this house. Simar sits in shock. Mata ji asks Simar to throw out Prem’s name and memories. Mata ji feels Prem has insulted her values and hurt Simar’s heart. She can’t believe that Prem has broken her trust. She ends Prem’s memories. She asks Simar to forget Prem forever. She hugs Simar and consoles her. She tells Simar that Simar will stay as her daughter in this house. Anjali can’t believe that Prem has done this, when he has like Lord Ram for them. Anjali and Piyush cry.


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