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Dayavanti sings an emotional song and gives Riya’s hand to Neil. She asks Shweta and Prakash to take care of Riya. Dayavanti apologizes to Shweta and convinces her. Avni worries seeing Dayavanti having cordial relations with Shweta. Shweta hugs Neil and Riya. She asks Dayavanti to fix the marriage date soon.


Vardaan is heartbroken by Devanshi’s lie. She asks him to listen to her. He is much hurt and does not want to trust her again. She accepts her mistake to hide the truth. He asks her to be away and leaves. Devanshi cries. She feels sorry to lie to him. He just sees Devanshi’s lies, than the reasons for hiding the truth.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Shorvori forget all the problems, and celebrate some peaceful time. Parth sings Tum Se Hi and plays guitar. Shorvori has come back from America after a long time. She is very special for Parth. He showers love on Shorvori. He tells Shorvori that he was waiting for her eagerly. Parth makes her feel special and happy by his efforts.


Shivani and Maldawali love Rangeela. Maldawali tells Rangeela that she loves him as he has a unique style. She flirts with him and gets romantic. Rangeela gets a shock and gets away from her. He asks for antidote for scorpion poison. Maldawali does not listen to him. He asks her not to talk cheap and give the antidote.


Chakor and Bhaiya ji aim gun at each other. She tells him that Suraj is her future, Suraj is her love. She finds a way to save Suraj and villagers. Chakor can go to any extent to save innocent lives. She shoots at him angrily. He drops his gun and gets a shock. He understands she has lost her senses. She asks him to tell her how to stop the bus. He gets tensed and agrees to stop the bus. He asks her to give his phone.


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