High Five Spoilers

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Dil Se Dil Tak:Parth and Teni make cow dung pats. Teni teaches Parth about making the pats. Teni gets happy by recalling the cow dung smell. She used to live in poor locality. She wants the same smell and atmosphere around her. Parth gets the cowdung to make Teni feel comfortable. Teni tells him that its your first time and you became expert in it. Parth dislikes it initially and then enjoys making the dung pats. Parth and Teni paste the pats on the walls. Teni asks him to feel the happiness.


Jaggi sees Ricky sleeping. Gopi and Jaggi try to wake him up. Ricky does not get up. Gopi asks Ricky to just get up fast as puja will be beginning soon. Jaggi gets a ice block to wake up Ricky. He makes Ricky lie on the ice block. He says Ricky is feeling heat, now he will get cooled down by this ice. Ricky wakes up by the ice and asks Jaggi what was he doing. He reacts this is just ridiculous.


Bhaiya ji has lost his mental balance. There is much drama around the heir ship. Ranjana makes Ragini sit in Bhaiya ji’s place. Ragini’s dream to sit on the special chair has succeeded. Bhaiya ji has turned mad after he failed to kill Suraj. Ranjana decides that Ragini should manage everything now. She does not want Chakor, Imli and Vivaan to do anything against them. Ranjana hears Tejaswini will come back home with Suraj.


Naina confronts Sandhya. Sandhya asks her how can she put blames on her. Everyone is angry on Naina. Even Karan’s mum gets angry on Naina. She says you made big promises to us, and now you brought a storm in our family. Naina gets to know Sandhya is using the wrong medicines for Karan, and making him unwell. Naina falls in everyone’s sight, as none believes her. Sandhya tells everyone that she will leave from the house, but everyone stops her.


Chandrakanta’s life gets in danger. She gets attacked by enemies. Virendra steps in and saves her by killing all the masked men. Chandrakanta left from the celebrations. She was finding Virendra in the caves. She did not know danger is awaiting her. Chandrakanta does not know when he loves her, why does he run away from her. Virendra tells her that he hates her and does not want to see her, but when she comes in front of him, he changes and feels for her. Virendra will realize his love for Chandrakanta.


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