Naina to lose family’s support in Swabhimaan


Naina confronts Sandhya. Sandhya asks her how can she put blames on her. Everyone is angry on Naina. Even Karan’s mum gets angry on Naina. She says you made big promises to us, and now you brought a storm in our family. Naina gets to know Sandhya is using the wrong medicines for Karan, and making him unwell. Naina falls in everyone’s sight, as none believes her. Sandhya tells everyone that she will leave from the house, but everyone stops her.

Karan gets the right medicines and proves Naina wrong. Naina gets upset. She thinks there is something wrong, as medicines were changed. She gets emotionally hurt. Dada ji supports Naina and tells Nandkishore that he requested Sharda for her daughter’s alliances. He asks Nandkishore how dare he call Naina and Karan’s marriage a mistake.

Dada ji says Naina did not ask such a bad question, if she wanted to clear her doubt, it does not mean everyone in the family burst anger on her, they can clear her doubts with peace and love. Nandkishore tells Dada ji that Naina has dared to blame Sandhya, which is very wrong. Dada ji tells Karan that Naina has heard everyone’s taunt because of him. He asks Karan to realize, its tough to get such a life partner, who took such big step for him. Meghna consoles Naina. Naina thinks to find out the complete matter, as she had concrete reasons to doubt Sandhya.


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