Omkara witnesses a ghostly sight in Dil Boley Oberoi


Jhanvi scares Tej and Shwetlana by the current wires. She puts them in an awkward position. Jhanvi calls media at home and humiliates Tej and Shwetlana. Media asks Tej is Shwetlana his mistress. Jhanvi asks Tej to answer, Shwetlana is his would be bahu now. Jhanvi ashames them. Buamaa adds spice and scolds Shwetlana for crossing the limits. Jhanvi and Buamaa teach a lesson to Tej and Shwetlana. Tej gets tight-lipped as he has no answer. Jhanvi provokes Tej. Tej sends the media away. Tej and Shwetlana get revengeful against Jhanvi. Shwetlana tells Jhanvi that she will make Jhanvi lose by her next move.

Omkara gets a ghostly vision. He spots Maya flying outside his window. He gets a huge shock. He wonders if he is fine, as he has seen Maya dying in the factory fire. He feels guilty. Shwetlana is sure that Omkara can never know her plan. She thinks Buamaa is filling confidence in Jhanvi. She thinks to give them a shock. Omkara tries to evaluate what he has seen. He tells Gauri about the clues they got and lost. Gauri asks him to have belief in Lord. Omkara does not want to hear her lecture. He tells Gauri that there is no hope now.

Gauri reminds him that detective was saying something before death. She gets the toy robot in her bag. Gauri checks the neck wound. She drops the toy. Shwetlana argues with Jhanvi and Buamaa. Jhanvi tells Shwetlana that she won’t accept Shwetlana as her bahu. Shwetlana asks Jhanvi to give the ancestral necklace to her. Buamaa asks Shwetlana to get lost. Shwetlana tells Jhanvi that she will take revenge from her.

Omkara tells inspector about the detective’s death. Inspector says the road’s CCTV cameras were off, the culprit is very clever, but we will catch him. Omkara asks inspector about Maya, who lost her life in the explosion. Inspector clears that they did not get any girl’s body there. Omkara says I have seen her dying. Gauri testifies there was no one there. Inspector asks Omkara to take some rest than stressing his mind.


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