Shivay gets a mysterious visitor in Ishqbaaz


Pinky talks to Kamini. Pinky asks her to come over and take jewelry shagun. Kamini gets the jeweler along to get the jewelry chosen and checked. Fake Shivay asks her to get assured. He plans to defame Pinky. Kamini’s jeweler checks the necklaces. Pinky asks do you think we will give you fake jewelry. Pinky and Kamini get into a heated argument. Fake Shivay goes to check the jewelry he has hidden. He misses the jewelry. The jewelry reaches close to everyone. Fake Shivay thinks to move the food trolley, which holds the real jewelry.

The jeweler tells everyone that the jewelry is fake. Pinky tells Kamini that she bought all jewelry herself. Pinky decides to call her jeweler and confirm about the jewelry. Kamini calls them fraud Oberois and humiliates them for cheating her with the fake jewelry. Anika checks jewelry and confirms its fake. Pinky asks Anika to just shut up. Kamini and Pinky insult each other and hit the trolley in anger. The real jewelry falls out of the bag. Fake Shivay manages to cover it. Dadi asks Pinky and Kamini to calm down.

Shivay calls Anika. Anika sees the arguments happening at home and disconnects the call. Tej interrupts to calm Kamini. Jhanvi tells Tej that Pinky kept the jewelry in her safe. Kamini blames Pinky for swapping the jewelry. Tej doubts on Pinky and asks how can she change the jewelry. Jhanvi is sure that Pinky can never do this. Shakti guarantees that Pinky can’t swap the jewelry. Kamini asks Pinky how can she do such thing. Pinky rages in anger. Kamini cancels Priyanka and Ranveer’s relation. Jeweler gets to see the real piece. He tells Kamini its real one. Kamini blames them for mixing jewelry and giving them. She asks them to check for the real jewelry. Fake Shivay sharpens his mind thinking what to do. Shivay calls Anika again. Before he could talk, masked guy meets Shivay. The guy asks Shivay to handover the phone. Shivay denies having the phone. The guy threatens him and looks for the phone. Shivay asks him why did he trap him here. The guy does not answer him. Are Kamini and Ranveer behind Shivay’s kidnapping? Keep reading.


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