Vikram and Anjali’s new start in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali gets a chance to make her marital relation with Vikram fine. Anjali throws a party at home. She dances with her friends. Vikram and Anjali are happy to make a new start. Anjali’s friend asks Anjali to dance with Vikram on her favorite song. Vikram and Anjali give a romantic performance. Tai ji plans to ruin Anjali’s party. Tai ji burns her own hand. Vikram runs to Tai ji and worries for her hand. He asks someone to get medicines. Anjali sees Tai ji’s plan.

Vikram leaves from the party with Tai ji. Tai ji wants to separate Vikram and Anjali. Anjali asks Vikram to find out Tai ji’s intentions. She warns that Tai ji is doing all this to separate them. Tai ji tells Vikram that she will get him married to someone else. Vikram realizes Tai ji could not see Anjali’s happiness. Vikram supports Anjali. Vikram promises Anjali that he will always be with her, no matter what Tai ji does.


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