Jaggi’s icy solution for Ricky in Saathiya…

sns ricky

Jaggi sees Ricky sleeping. Gopi and Jaggi try to wake him up. Ricky does not get up. Gopi asks Ricky to just get up fast as puja will be beginning soon. Jaggi gets a ice block to wake up Ricky. He makes Ricky lie on the ice block. He says Ricky is feeling heat, now he will get cooled down by this ice. Ricky wakes up by the ice and asks Jaggi what was he doing. He reacts this is just ridiculous.

Jaggi says this was our way to wake you up. Gopi asks Ricky to get ready and come, there is puja at home. Sita laughs seeing Ricky. Jaggi asks Ricky to wear proper clothes and come. Ricky’s foot is hurt.

Sita worries for him and thinks to apply ointment to his foot. Ricky scolds her and asks her why did she come to his room. He tells her that he can manage himself well without anyone’s help. He throws cushions at her and asks her to leave, as he does not want to see her face. She insists and asks him to apply ointment once, it will be relieve. He asks her to get lost. Sita is in love with Ricky. She thinks of him and pours chutney over the pakodas. Urmila and Jaggi ask Sita where is she lost. Sita apologizes.


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