Ricky’s melodrama to trick Kokila in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Ricky wanted money for his personal expenses. He went to take money from Gopi. Gopi did not listen to him. He goes to Kokila and does drama. He says everyone gets angry on me, I want to prove I m not useless, I want to do some work, I asked money from Gopi, but she refused, I think she dislikes me. Kokila says its nothing like that. She gives her money as loan. She advises him that this matter should just be limited to family.

She asks him not to behave badly with anyone, else she has to take strict step against him. She asks him to use money for business well and then return to her when he makes profits. Ricky tells her that he will open a music centre.

Meanwhile, Sita cleans Ricky’s room and arranges his clothes. Ricky comes to room and collides with her. Sita gets hurt. He calls her illiterate cartoon. He does aid to her foot. The spray goes in his eyes. Sita laughs on him. She cares for him. Ricky calls her foolish to spray over his face. Ricky and Sita turn caring towards each other.


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