Anjali succeeds to reveal truth in Sasural Simar Ka


Tai ji’s plan is exposed. Anjali tells Vikram that Tai ji acted to burn her hand to spoil her party. Anjali finds there was something wrong and meets the doctor. She got to know that Tai ji has done drama by applying the solution on hand and ignited fire in front of him. Anjali applies the solution and shows Vikram by burning her hand. She tells Vikram that her hand did not burn by the solution, same way Tai ji has done this to make us away.

Anjali makes the doctor confirm the truth to Vikram. Vikram did not expect this from Tai ji. Vikram is angry and does not know what to do. He goes to confront Tai ji. He breaks down seeing Tai ji’s true face and scolds her for cheating him, when he regarded her more than his mother. He says you have raised me, I thought you are my Yashoda Maiyya, but you have made me see this day. Vikram supports Anjali knowing Anjali is true. He promises to support Anjali, and says he can ruin anyone who tries to separate them. Vikram hugs Anjali.


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