Teni to cheer Parth and Shorvori in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori and Parth are made to fake fight by Teni. Shorvori gets angry on Parth to get into the mood to fight. Teni directs them and asks them to fight over Parth’s shirt. Shorvori asks Parth how did he scold her for a small thing. Parth asks what could I do, shall I scold Teni. She says Teni has done wrong with me, you did not stop Teni, you should have shouted on her. He says Teni did not do all this intentionally. Teni has spoiled Parth’s shirt by the cow dung marks.

Shorvori too unknowingly spoils Parth’s shirt. Parth gets angry and says Shorvori did this to stop him from going office. He does not know why she is behaving so. She says you want a reason to scold me. Parth answers Shorvori’s blames. Parth and Shorvori argued intentionally as per Teni’s plan. Teni made them fight to show to Poyini and Sejal. Teni asks them don’t they know to fight when they are husband and wife. She compliments their love, as their fight looked much cute.

Parth and Shorvori laugh hearing Teni’s chattering. Teni unites them and asks them to hug now. Everyone thinks Shorvori is annoyed with Parth. Parth gets mangoes to convince Shorvori. He sends the mangoes to Shorvori’s room. Teni gets delighted seeing the mangoes. She asks Shorvori were you hiding mangoes. She gets crazy about mangoes and takes all the mangoes with her. She does not leave any mango for Shorvori. Shorvori laughs and gives all mangoes to Teni, as Teni is going to give birth to her baby.


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