Kartik gets upset by Naira-Suwarna’s bond in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Shocking Naira to call off her wedding WHY

Naira makes the tea for Kartik and Kirti. Kartik tells Naira that it’s not just fine, it’s really great. Naira is nervous to cook in Sasural for the first time. She asks him to go, else she can’t prepare the food. She loses focus in work by his presence. He goes to kitchen by many excuses. Kartik wants to stay with her to encourage her, but Dadi sends him away. He tries to make Naira feel like home. Later, Kartik sees Suwarna and Naira talking.

He sees Suwarna making Naira wear the bangles. He gets annoyed with Naira for taking gifts, after knowing his equations with Suwarna. He reminds Naira that they are going to leave the house soon, as he promised her to give her a beautiful life. Naira tells him that they can’t leave from Goenka house.

Kartik gets angry and asks why is she reacting such when she knew all his plans already. Naira and Kartik argue because of Suwarna. Naira says I want your happiness and even your parents want the same, so Suwarna took promise from me. Kartik asks her what promise did she do. Naira tells him what Suwarna wants from them, to stay back in Goenka house. Kartik makes it clear that this won’t be possible for him. Dadi wards off bad sight from Naira, before her pagphere rasam. Dadi gives her shagun. Kartik feels Suwarna is planning all this to get Naira on her side.


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