Anika to keep up Oberoi’s respect in Ishqbaaz


Kamini and Pinky decide to find the real jewelry. Fake Shivay stops Kamini from failing his plan. Kamini insults them for the fraud. Tej and Shakti do not agree with Kamini. Dadi does not let them call police. Kamini suggests they should call up Ranveer to recover the jewelry. Soumya shows them something inside the trolley. Before jewelry gets spotted, Anika stops them. She apologizes to Kamini. She offers her bangles to Kamini by talking politely. Anika defends Pinky and keeps her respect in front of everyone. Pinky gets surprised.

Anika says Pinky can never do this when it’s about Priyanka and Ranveer’s happiness. Kamini asks Anika is she joking to give cheap bangles instead costly jewelry. Anika clears it’s not any joke or insult. She says the price of bangles is very high, its worth 10 crores. Fake Shivay gets a shock hearing this. He thinks to give reaction like real Shivay. He says Anika is right, you can keep these bangles. He feels frustrated by losing costly bangles.

He asks Kamini to get her jeweler check the bangles. Jeweler confirms its high price as its real diamonds. Kamini asks Jhanvi to give these bangles in shagun. She asks Pinky not to steal it. Fake Shivay thinks what to do, as family is waiting for him to speak up. He apologizes to Kamini. He defends Pinky. He invites Kamini for shagun function. Tej thanks Anika for solving this problem. Tej asks them to find out how jewelry got changed. Pinky clarifies she did not do anything.

Anika asks Shivay if she did right by giving bangles. He says yes, but how did you get such costly bangles. She reminds he gifted it to her. Anika gets annoyed with Shivay for forgetting that moment. Fake Shivay could not hold her hand and wonders how to convince her. He lies to her that he remembers everything. Anika remarks you are not my Shivay, I feel my husband changed. Fake Shivay tries acting like Shivay and upsets Anika.

He then tries to impress her with his words. She reacts Aw. He wonders where is the dog, that she is saying Aw. She gets convinced by him. Fake Shivay goes to steal the jewelry. He finds a place to hide jewelry. He hides all the stolen jewelry. Soumya asks Dadi about the keys. Fake Shivay recalls dropping the keys of Pinky’s locker. Dadi realizes its Pinky’s keys. Soumya goes to handover keys to Pinky, while Fake Shivay tries to stop Soumya.


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