Shwetlana’s illusion to trouble Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri runs to save Omkara from falling down the railing. Omkara misses to know Maya’s truth. Maya’s hologram disappears. Gauri asks Omkara how can he fall down. Omkara tells her that he was following a girl, who disappeared. Gauri tells him that she won’t let anything happen to him. She applies all her strength to pull him upwards.

Gauri injures herself in the process. Gauri hugs Omkara and is relieved seeing him fine. Omkara thanks Chulbul for saving him. He recalls Gauri by talking to Chulbul. Omkara says I get positive vibes from you, you have become my best friend. Gauri gets happy. She thanks him for giving respect to a servant. Omkara asks her not to say that again, as Chulbul is like family now.

Omkara thanks Chulbul for all favors. Shwetlana sees them bonding. She decides to break their friendship by her master plan. She wants to trap Omkara in her plans, so that he forgets to find out about her past. She hides Maya in her room. She scares Maya, saying she will cage her soul. Maya laughs off. Shwetlana clicks her pics to create her hologram. She pays money to Maya and asks her to leave. She does not trust Maya and excludes her from the games. She warns Maya not to tell anyone about her plan. Shwetlana uses the hologram to fool Omkara and Gauri. Later on, Gauri and Omkara spot Maya.


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