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Udaan: Suraj gets angry when Chakor does not come to meet him in the fair. Chakor heads to Ranjana to talk about the past and Manohar’s death. Chakor comes to fair late. She finds Suraj annoyed. She apologizes to Suraj. Suraj tells her that she won’t get forgiveness this way. She asks him how to apologize. He asks her to win some gift for him by playing the balloon shooting game.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

The thief Imli gives a fake crown to pandit and says it’s for Kanha ji. Pandit thanks her. She fools the pandit and goes to rob the safe. Gaura and Bhavani see Imli robbing the jewelry from temple’s locker. They get shocked seeing Imli opening the safe with ease. They see Imli running away with the jewelry.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh and Naitik hug Naira and cry. Naira’s bidaai gets painful for everyone. Singhania and Maheshwari family members get emotional. Naksh makes Naira step on his hand and sit inside the doli. The bidaai-doli ritual makes everyone cry. Singhanias do Naira’s bidaai with many blessings for her prosperous life.


Avni and Neil drink bhaang. They get locked in the bathroom. They don’t realize how they got locked. They wait for someone to open the door so that they can leave. Avni and Neil have cute moments. Avni dances under the shower. Neil gets mesmerized seeing her.


Virendra punishes himself for losing the focus. He is feeling bad that his father got humiliated because of him. He beats himself and promises to continue hurting himself physically till sun sets. Virendra’s friend Badrinath sees Virendra hurting himself and cries. He prays to Surya Dev to set early so that Virendra stops. Surya Dev accepts his prayers and sets.


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