Vivaan to turn negative in Udaan


Suraj asks Chakor to come with him to the nearby fair. Chakor gets ready to meet Suraj. Imli asks her will she wear sports suit when she is going to meet Suraj. Chakor says I don’t know where is he taking me, he asked me to go and get ready, I don’t know what clothes he likes. Imli says I will help you.

She checks Chakor’s wardrobe. She gives a beautiful dress to Chakor, and asks her to wear it. She helps Chakor in getting ready. Chakor wants to look good as its her first date with Suraj. Chakor happily smiles and looks forward to meet Suraj. Imli compliments Chakor. Imli thinks of Vivaan and thinks to take Vivaan to fair as well. Vivaan comes there and spikes Chakor’s drink to take revenge. He asks her to drink the juice and take care of her health. He feeds the juice to Chakor.

Vivaan makes Chakor fall asleep to spoil her date. Imli sees Chakor sleeping and asks her to get up. Vivaan asks Imli not to wake up Chakor, she maybe tired. Vivaan sends Imli and thinks of harming Chakor. He assumes Chakor knew about Manohar’s death and has hidden the fact from him. Vivaan thinks to strangulate Chakor and kill her. He pities Chakor and asks who will be saving Chakor now. Vivaan will be bringing shocking twists in the track. Keep reading.


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