Pinky gets heartbroken by the fraudster’s move in Ishqbaaz


Fake Shivay does not want Soumya to give the keys to Pinky. He stops Soumya and gets the keys from her. Soumya tells him how she got the keys in corridor. Soumya sees Pinky having the keys with her. She thinks to ask Pinky about the keys set. He tells Soumya its duplicate keys, which he made for emergency. He asks her to keep this matter confidential. Soumya understands.

Pinky asks Shivay to save him from Kamini, who is threatening to kill her. Entire family gets a shock seeing Kamini, coming with her relatives and getting shagun for Priyanka. Pinky blames Kamini for threatening her. Everyone does not believe Pinky. Kamini calls Pinky mad. She defends herself. Pinky expects Shivay to believe her. She asks him to trust her. Kamini blames Pinky for crossing limits. Pinky asks Shakti and Shivay to believe her. She says Kamini tried to strangulate me and threatened to kill me tonight. Kamini denies the blames. She tells everyone that this marriage won’t happen now. Dadi asks Kamini to stop and not react such. Kamini argues with them. She blames Pinky for breaking Priyanka’s marriage with Ranveer. Priyanka worries that her pregnancy truth will come out. Anika asks Shivay to do something for Priyanka.

Fake Shivay does not know how to react. He apologizes to Kamini and does not defend Pinky. He asks Kamini to forgive Pinky once again and come for shagun. He asks Pinky why would Kamini threaten her. He suggests her to forget the matter. Pinky asks him if he thinks she will lie to him. Anika tells Shivay that Pinky never lies. She shows her belief in Pinky, which surprises Pinky. Kamini argues with Anika for blaming her indirectly. Fake Shivay asks Anika not to talk in between. Pinky gets hurt with him. She shouts out her pain that he does not care for mother’s tears. She remarks he can’t be her Shivay. Anika thinks why is Shivay helpless that he had to support Kamini instead Pinky. He enjoys seeing Pinky crying. Kamini does the shagun function. Dadi conciliates Pinky and asks her to forgive Shivay. Dadi says Shivay is trying to keep up Priyanka’s happiness. Dadi and entire family head to temple. Fake Shivay finds it a good opportunity to shift jewelry.

The masked guy fails to get the phone. He keeps asking Shivay about the phone. Shivay denies to have any phone. The masked guy stays with Shivay to know about the phone. After some time, the guy falls asleep. Shivay checks him and gets the phone. A lady helps him and asks him to call someone for help. Shivay gets new hopes and thinks to call Anika. Will Anika catch the imposter red handed while stealing the jewelry? Keep reading.


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