Baby’s deeds gets witnessed by Birlas in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Krishna and Pratima convince Suhani to stay back to support them. Suhani declares her decision of staying back. Dadi disagrees with Pratima to keep Suhani at home. Pratima announces a competition between Suhani and Baby, with the condition that if Suhani wins, she will be permitted by Dadi to stay in the house. Pratima and Dadi give the hut making task to Suhani and Baby. Baby is zero in any talent. Rags helps Baby in cheating.

Baby tricks Krishna in making her hut. Baby then reveals to Krishna that she has mistakenly helped her instead Suhani. Krishna worries and scolds Baby for the fraud. Saiyyam and Krishna help Suhani in winning the task. They help Suhani make a bigger hut. Dadi asks Suhani and Baby to live in the hut at night. Baby takes a fire lantern and gets desperate to ruin Suhani’s hut. She goes to burn the hut, seeing Suhani sleeping inside. Baby gets jealous and insecure of Suhani’s win.

Before Baby could burn Suhani’s hut, she gets attacked by goons. Suhani comes to help Baby. The selfish woman still gets a chance to burn Suhani’s hut. Birla family witnesses Baby’s crime and gets shocked. Will Suhani be able to expose Baby’s truth in front of Dadi? Keep reading.



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