Vaidehi’s chapter comes to an end in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Roshni get Piyush to the temple. Piyush says I did not come to know Vaidehi’s truth, I trust her, I came here to prove you wrong. Simar says we are in Mata Rani temple, and the one who is right will be known. Simar prays to Mata Rani. Her prayers get answered. Vaidehi comes to temple to meet Khushi.

She tells Khushi that she wants Roshni to get divorced and then go through the same pain, once divorce happens, Roshni’s life will be ruined, then my dream will be fulfilled, I will get peace seeing Piyush crying. Khushi asks her not to worry, as they can prove Roshni characterless and get the divorce done, it would have been good if Roshni died in the holika dahan fire planned by them. Simar and Roshni make Piyush hear the entire truth.

Piyush hears Vaidehi accepting her crimes and gets hugely shocked. He angrily goes to confront Vaidehi and slaps her. She tells him that if he can’t be his love, then she will not let him become of Roshni. She goes to stab him and Roshni comes in front. Roshni gets stabbed. Piyush and Simar get shocked. Piyush got to know Vaidehi and Khushi were playing games with him. Vaidehi gets arrested by police. Roshni saved Piyush’s life by risking her life. Vaidehi will be leaving from Piyush’s life. Piyush and Roshni’s love story will be beginning with the end of Vaidehi’s role. Keep reading.


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