Dramatic twists to affect Vivaan-Imli in Udaan


Suraj tells Chakor that they will always be together. He asks Imli to take care of Chakor, who has drunk the bhaang. Imli decides to stay in the village for a night to be with family. Vivaan comes to the village to pick Imli. She refuses to go to him with annoyance. Vivaan beats up Chagan angrily and disrespects the poor villagers. In an attempt to stop Vivaan, Imli angrily raises hand on Vivaan, which shocks the latter. Vivaan leaves from the village. Imli apologizes to Chagan and everyone on behalf on Vivaan. Chakor tells Imli that she is in love with Suraj.

Later, Suraj and Chakor have a discussion about Manohar’s death. Suraj tells Chakor that whatever evidence he has against Ranjana is true. Chakor does not know hot to disclose the truth to Vivaan. She meets Ranjana before heading to meet Suraj. Vivaan follows Chakor and hears their conversation. He gets to know that Ranjana has killed his father. Vivaan assumes Chakor has hidden this fact, and gets angry. Ragini starts managing Bhaiya ji’s business, in his absence. Chakor gets suspicious about Ragini, Ranjana and Bhaiya ji’s plan behind the new drama of Bhaiya ji’s mental imbalance.

Suraj takes Pakhi’s help in inviting Chakor for the fair trip. Suraj is very happy to spend time with Chakor. Even Chakor is happy and thanks Suraj for getting her to the fair. She expresses her happiness. Suraj’s surprise idea works for him. Chakor and Suraj challenge each other for paper dance and make pairings with Imli and Pakhi. Suraj dances with Pakhi. Chakor and Imli dance. Pakhi makes Suraj lose. Chakor and Imli win. Suraj asks Pakhi is she in Chakor’s team. He tells Chakor that he did not lose. He gets happy with Chakor’s win. He asks Chakor to promise him that she will never leave him. Chakor promises him that she will always stay with him. Imli and Pakhi get happy seeing them. Will Vivaan and Imli sort their differences? Keep reading.


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