Devanshi commences ruining Kusum Sundari’s reign


Kusum Sundari fools Devanshi for the Agni pariksha to get rid of the curse affecting her loved ones. Devanshi doubts on Kusum Sundari after realizing her lie about Sarla stabbing Geeta to death. She decides to find out Kusum Sundari’s truth and sits in the fire after applying a chemical. Devanshi gets to hear Kusum Sundari’s crime confessions. Kusum Sundari thinks Devanshi will die and speaks out everything in over confidence. Devanshi gets angered and decides to punish Kusum Sundari by killing her. Vardaan gets to know the shocking news that Devanshi died in the temple while giving Agni Pariksha. Vardaan shatters holding the ashes.

Kusum Sundari, Vaardan, Sakshi and everyone believe that Devanshi has been burnt alive. Vardaan holds Kusum Sundari responsible for this and calls police to get Kusum Sundari arrested. Devanshi goes to stab Kusum Sundari and kill her, but she stops herself. Kusum Sundari gets arrested for Devanshi’s murder. Devanshi comes up with a plan to distribute Kusum Sundari’s earnings which she got by fooling devotees.


Devanshi emerges out of the temple hundi and makes an entry which shocks everyone. Vardaan gets glad seeing Devanshi alive. Devanshi is regarded a Devi avatar by the villagers. She announces to distribute the temple funds to the villagers for their betterment. She plans to ruin Kusum Sundari by striking her financially. Vardaan supports Devanshi in her decision. Devanshi gives away Kusum Sundari’s money while Kusum Sundari is away in jail. Kusum Sundari is released by police on learning Devanshi is fine and alive. Kusum Sundari gets the news of Devanshi being alive and ruining her. Devanshi learns Kusum Sundari’s secret and thinks to act good to Kusum Sundari to end her evil completely. She tricks Kusum Sundari in her words smartly. Will Kusum Sundari strike back? Keep reading.


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