Omkara to act as lunatic in Dil Boley Oberoi


Shwetlana gets angered and decides to punish Omkara for Jhanvi’s mistakes. She goes to take Maya’s help, after damaging the hologram machine. Jhanvi and Tej get into a heated argument. Jhanvi blames Tej for making her life hell. She asks him to see Shwetlana marrying Omkara. She insults Tej. Tej raises hand to slap Jhanvi. Omkara stops Tej. He asks Tej not to do this mistake again. Shwetlana tries to find Maya’s house. Shwetlana seeks Maya’s help by apologizing and paying more money.

Gauri pulls Omkara’s leg and asks will he get scared in her absence if he sees Maya’s spirit. Omkara tells her that he is not scared of anyone. Gauri says I know it, the man who can beat 10 men at once in Bareilly won’t be scared of anyone. Omkara asks her how does she know. Gauri says someone told me. Omkara guesses Rudra told this to Chulbul.

Omkara and Gauri guess if Maya will come tonight. Gauri realizes Maya won’t come, as hologram machine is damaged. Omkara and Gauri witness Maya’s spirit again. Shwetlana tries to scare Omkara. Gauri tells Omkara that Maya is not a spirit. Gauri did arrangements to expose Maya. Maya falls and gets hurt. Gauri proves that Maya is a human. Shwetlana asks Maya to run away. Omkara goes to catch Maya. Shwetlana and Maya hide. Maya leaves from the mansion. Omkara and Gauri go to check for some clues.

Shwetlana fools Omkara and Gauri by cleaning the mess and proving it as an illusion. Gauri finds out the truth by seeing Maya’s blood mark on the statue. Shwetlana’s plan fails by Gauri’s smartness. Omkara realizes Shwetlana is trying to prove him mad. Gauri asks him to behave like mentally disturbed. Gauri tells him that Shwetlana is keeping an eye on them, so better start acting as a lunatic now itself. Omkara starts behaving mad. Gauri encourages him. Gauri asks him to look scared. Shwetlana gets fooled that her plan started working. Omkara decides to make Shwetlana mad and expose her.

Shwetlana counts her favors on Chubul. She asks Chulbul why did he not give any info about Omkara. Gauri lies to her that Omkara got disturbed. Shwetlana goes to give breakfast to Omkara to check him. Omkara and Chulbul plan to fool Shwetlana. Omkara gets a fake knife for his plan of acting mad and stabbing Chulbul. Omkara gets alert on seeing Shwetlana. Shwetlana leaves a spy cam to know about his plan. Can Omkara and Gauri outdo Shwetlana? Keep reading.


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