Raghav gets accused for threatening Naina’s life in Pardes


Naina gets attacked by the goons sent by Harjeet. Harjeet orders the goons to kill Naina’s baby. Harjeet does not want Reyaan and Ahana’s child to come in the world. She distracts Reyaan by lying about the surrogate. The goons capture Naina to kill her child, and call up Harjeet to make her hear Naina’s screams. Naina faces a life-threatening situation. Raghav thinks to forget Naina’s deceive and forget everything to support Naina in such critical time. Raghav looks for Naina to save her, after realizing Naina and her child’s lives are in danger.

The goons try to strangulate Naina. Raghav makes a timely entry. Harjeet hears Raghav on call. She asks the goons to kill Raghav as well. Raghav beats up the goons. He tries finding out who has sent the goons. Naina wonders who are the goons. Naina asks Raghav to catch a goon and know the culprit. The goon frames Raghav in the crime. Naina gets shocked on learning Raghav planned the attacks on her. Raghav explains Naina that this is not true. Naina asks why is Raghav punishing her child this way. Naina does not believe Raghav. Naina bursts her anger on Raghav. Raghav tells her that the goon fooled her. He asks her to realize someone is trying to harm her child. She doubts on Raghav, as he hates her. Raghav gets heartbroken. They end up arguing. Naina insults Raghav for falling so low.

Pam meets Harjeet to fix Armaan and Ira’s alliance. Pam tells Harjeet that Naina is Raghav’s ex-wife. Harjeet thinks to use this truth in her favor. Harjeet accepts Ira’s alliance to get close to Raghav and Naina. Meanwhile, Naina reaches home. She tells Dilraj and Zeenu about the attack on her. They cheer and encourage Naina. Khurana hires Pandey to find the surrogate. Raghav gets police to Naina’s home. Naina introduces Raghav to Dilraj. She shouts on Raghav for getting police. Raghav wants to secure the baby and takes a step for baby’s safety. He tells Naina that he did not divorce her yet. He asks Naina to stay with him in Mehra house. Will Harjeet succeed to harm Ahana’s child? Keep reading.


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