Gauri to realize hologram trick in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri buys some marbles from a store to trouble Shwetlana. Omkara goes to meet Chulbul. He gets ladies attires in Chulbul’s room and wonders where is Chulbul. Gauri sees Omkara with her clothes. Omkara asks Chulbul not to lie now, as he got to know these clothes are of Chulbul’s girlfriend. Gauri denies. Gauri tells Omkara of Chulbul’s marriage. Omkara asks Chulbul is this his wife’s clothes. Gauri thinks of lying to him.

Omkara asks Chulbul where does his wife stay. Gauri says she stays somewhere else. She tells her sad story, that her marriage was done in a wrong situation, but the marriage did not mean anything to her partner. Omkara recalls Gauri. Gauri says I belief in love, I will always love with total belief. Omkara tells her that two partners are needed to keep a relation. Gauri says one person is enough to keep love. Omkara does not know how person stays with one-sided love. Gauri tells about him about true love.

Omkara checks a presentation on screen. Gauri sees the projector light and realizes Maya was projected the same way. She goes to spy on Shwetlana. Shwetlana tracks Chulbul and realizes Chulbul is in her room. She makes Shwetlana fall by the marbles and hides. Shwetlana gets to see the robot and likes the toy. She throws the robot for coming in her way and realizes her hologram machine broke. Gauri witnesses Shwetlana’s hologram plan.

Later, Jhanvi stops Shwetlana to teach her a lesson. She shows the necklace. Shwetlana gets angry on Jhanvi for taking the necklace back without her permission. Jhanvi shows her authority and asks Shwetlana not to try to become owner of the house. Jhanvi clears out that her elder bahu has right on the necklace, else none can touch it. She throws the necklace and drops the acid to damage the necklace. Shwetlana worries seeing 5 crores necklace turning into ashes. Jhanvi insults Shwetlana. She tells her that this was a fake necklace, while real necklace is with her. Shwetlana plans to punish Omkara for taking revenge from Jhanvi. What will Shwetlana do next? Keep reading.


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