Chandrakanta to reject Shivdutt’s proposal


Chandrakanta refuses to marry Shivdutt. Her father decides to get Chandrakanta’s sister married to Shivdutt. Chandrakanta does not know how will Shivdutt react now, will he agree to them or not. Many things changed in the provinces after the collaboration. Chandrakanta tells her father that she does not love Shivdutt. They fear Shivdutt is egoistic and can take a step after the rejection. She does not see a life partner in Shivdutt.

She says I will find my life partner on my own. Her father says maybe Shivdutt has the Tilismi key and can get her mum back. She tells him that she met Shivdutt and does not think he can help them. Her father gets worried thinking of the war. She does not like Shivdutt as a person. She had interaction with Virendra. Everyone does not know Virendra’s truth. Chandrakanta and Virendra will be coming in front of each other again. Chandrakanta does not care if her sister marries Shivdutt. She knows it will be politically good.

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