Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Thapki Pyaar Ki: Amma mai makes Bani and Prince keep the fast. Bani faints. Thapki gets water for Bani. Amma mai does not let Thapki feed water to Bani. Bihaan worries for Bani. Amma mai snatches the glass. Prince also faints. Amma mai worries and runs to get water for him. Vasundara stops Amma mai from feeding water to Prince and snatches the glass from her. Vasundara asks Amma mai to do justice. She opposes Amma mai. She does not want Bani’s child marriage to happen. Bihaan and Thapki want to raise Bani well. All of the family members are saving Bani. They make Bani act to teach a lesson to Amma mai.


Meghna and Naina are happy as Karan is changing and bonding with family. Sandhya recalls Karan’s Naamkaran function. She tells everyone that she has done a lot for this family, and today they are raising questions on her place in the family. She thinks to make everyone realize her value. She is hurt as everyone started taking her granted. She decides to rule the house by making everyone depend on her. Meghna gives Sharda the house papers to return her self-esteem. Sharda does not accept Meghna’s help. Naina asks her mum in law to go office and encourages her, but her mum in law does not agree.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali is asked to participate in beauty contest again. Organizer meets Anjali to request her. Anjali asks her why did she come after insulting her on stage. Anjali insults her and asks her to leave. Organizer says we need such girls with stunning looks and high attitude. Anjali keeps her conditions to work with her. She says I will reveal my conditions later on, if you want to take me on board, you can. Organizer agrees as the sponsors wants to see Anjali. Tai ji gets angry seeing Anjali bagging work. Vikram got away from Tai ji by her own mistakes. Tai ji will plot against Anjali again.


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