Anika and Shivay plan to find the evil mastermind in Ishqbaaz


Anika has met real Shivay in the chawl. They see Mahi, the imposter. Anika and Shivay get together. Anika tells him how afraid she was for his life. He tells her that his life can’t go so easily. Shivay shares where he was trapped and how he managed to leave from the place. He planned to fail the electromagnetic fields by putting water on switch. He thanks her for giving the number to Khanna to track and help him indirectly. She tells him that she saved her life by saving him. Shivika’s romance and togetherness will be seen after much time.

Shivay wants to know how she realized she was in problem. He asks her how did she know about imposter, when he failed to convey the message. She tells him about her bad dream and how she feared something is wrong. She explains the strength of their love, which explained her that Shivay is in danger. She gets angry on the imposter. Shivay and Anika do not know the imposter is not evil hearted.

She asks how dare he become Shivay. She says I will beat him and kick him out of the house. He calms her down. He tells her his plan to expose the imposter on Holi day. He does not want to give imposter to police, so that they can find out on whose saying he is doing this. He feels some powerful enemies are behind this conspiracy. Shivay asks Anika to help him find the real culprit. Anika agrees to play the game and find the mastermind. Kamini is using her son for her motives. Is Kamini the mastermind? Keep reading.


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