Ishqbaaz sets a new lovable character Mahi


The imposter Mahi deserves every bit of sympathy. He has much pain in his heart for failing to get his mother’s love till now. Kamini reminds him to go Oberoi mansion and set Soumya away. Mahi wants to gain respect for Kamini by fighting with Oberois.

Anika informs the family members about duplicate Shivay. When Mahi makes an entry home, everyone pass the comments on him indirectly. Anika tells him that truth always comes out. Mahi wonders his fate is really bad that his plan failed. He does not want money as Kamini wants, but his aim is to claim his rights. Everyone fool him telling him about the Holi surprise he has organized. Mahi finds luck is still on his side. Anika and Rudra fool Mahi. Mahi calls them mad as he did not keep any Holi party. Mahi gets dressed as per Holi celebrations and does a Shivay act. Rudra applies color to Mahi and get bhaang for him to know the secrets he is hiding. They fool him by the fake traditions that Shivay drinks bhaang before the entire family.

Kamini reaches there to know about Soumya. She finds Mahi useless. She decides to go and check Soumya. Kamini sees Soumya under the staircase. She applies holi colours to hide her identity. Kamini hides Soumya.

Mahi finds everyone in bhaang effect. He does not wish to apply colours to Anika, as his heart does not permit him to touch someone’s wife. He assumes Anika will doubt on him and goes to apply colours to her. The family makes Mahi dance and have more bhaang. Mahi dances with the family members and gets in his real style. Anika waits for Shivay’s plan to start working. Anika meets Shivay and applies holi to him. Will Mahi speak up the entire plan? Will Shivay and Anika find out the mastermind? Keep reading.


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