Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Chakor doubts on Bhaiya ji, seeing him changing and saving her life. His madness is troubling everyone. He plays hide and seek with Chakor. He tells Ranjana that he is playing game with Chakor. He finds Chakor and laughs. He tells them that he has won and proved he is Lord. Chakor and Vivaan have a deal. Vivaan asks Chakor to hide his medical weakness from Imli, and promises to get Suraj back to haveli.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Khushi plans to get an entry in Bharadwaj family. She stays in a poor house and calls someone to find work. She meets her husband and gains his sympathy. Khushi wants to go back home. She acts to be troubled by poverty.


Nandkishore wants reasons to insult Meghna and Naina. He gets a chance and shouts on Nirmala for going office. Meghna has taken Nirmala to office. Meghna has taken a big loan from office to save her mum’s house. He says now I understand Meghna and Naina are making my wife against me. He asks Dada ji did he not know Meghna went to meet her mum, she took 25 lakhs along. He asks why did she not tell anyone. Meghna says I did not wish to hide, but did not feel important to say, I have just taken loan from office, I did not take any money from house, I did not do wrong and did all this to keep her mum’s self respect. Dada ji takes Meghna’s side and scolds him. Nandkishore says Meghna did not even tell Kunal. Dada ji says Meghna did not do any mistake to support her mother. He asks Nandkishore not to create a scene.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha takes Thapki’s avatar to trouble Thapki and children. Thapki gets to know Shraddha has taken her avatar and went to Amma mai to get Bani and Prince’s relation fixed. Shraddha says I have met Amma mai and wanted to ruin your life, knowing your children is your weakness. Thapki breaks down. She tells Shraddha that she will not let wrong happen with her children. She will show her motherly strength.


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