Naina’s efforts to bring Dadi out of coma in Pardes


Naina spends time with Dadi. Raghav and Naina think Dadi will be recovering with Naina’s presence. Naina shares with Dadi that baby kicked her. Naina sees Dadi moving her hand. She tells Dadi about the baby. Naina persuades Dadi to talk to her baby. She makes Dadi touch her baby in womb. Dadi reacts by the baby’s positivity.

Khurana tells Harjeet that Sonali is not the surrogate, and she made him reach Naina. He sadly reveals that Naina is carrying Raghav’s child, she is Raghav’s wife. He is upset that he could not find Ahana’s surrogate. Harjeet acts innocent. Khurana gets doubtful and thinks to meet Raghav once. He praises Naina and Raghav’s love bond. Harjeet wonders why Naina is saying lie about the baby. He is glad that Khurana will never find the baby, as Naina will hide the truth from him. Raghav is angered as Naina does not trust him.

Khurana and Harjeet come to meet him. Harjeet apologizes to Raghav. Khurana informs Raghav what Naina told them about the child. He congratulates Raghav. Raghav shockingly denies that Naina is bearing his child. Khurana and Raghav get into a fight. He sends away Khurana and Harjeet. He wonders why Naina lied to Khurana. He goes to confront Naina, while she is in with Dadi.

Raghav asks Naina why did she lie, when she hates lies. He asks who’s the father of the child. He demands to know who are the baby’s enemy. He angers as she never kept their marital relation. Naina calls him the enemy. Raghav asks her to realize his favors. Naina and Raghav’s arguments instigate Dadi to come out of coma. Dadi wakes up. The moment makes Raghav and Naina happy. Raghav tells Dadi that he has become big businessman by her blessings. Dadi is proud of him. She wants to see Raghav and Naina together. She asks Raghav to talk to Naina well, and not argue. Naina tells Dadi about their baby. Dadi gets glad knowing the pregnancy news. Mehra family gets a shock on seeing Dadi fine. They fear the truth of their evil will come out. Raghav and Naina decide to stay as husband and wife for Dadi’s sake. Will Dadi realize their broken relations? Keep reading.


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