Raghav to learn surrogacy truth in Pardes


Rehaan Khurana finds about Naina, who works in Raghav’s office. She asks Pandey about Naina. Pandey confirms Naina works here. Khurana and Naina get a shock meeting each other, as they know each other. Khurana reveals that Naina is Raghav’s wife. The staff gets to know the truth. Naina asks Khurana what work he has. He asks her about Ahana, who is his wife. Naina realizes Khurana is Ahana’s husband. He tells Naina that Ahana has hired her as surrogate and the baby she is carrying belongs to him. Naina fears that Khurana will harm the baby. She thinks of saving her child from Khurana. He wants the child at any cost. Naina tries hiding about the surrogacy. He tells her that he has got this confirmed from the Austria doctor. She asks him to think of Raghav’s anger.

She tells him that she is not Ahana’s surrogate. Khurana questions her. Naina lies to him. She tries to convince him. She blames him of planning this nonsense to ruin Raghav’s business. She sends away Khurana. Naina worries for the baby’s safety, and assumes Khurana as her enemy.

Meanwhile, Raghav tries to explain Naina that he did not plan any attack on her. He decides to find out who wants to harm Naina’s baby. Naina loses trust on Raghav. Naina gets worrying to save her baby from Raghav and Khurana. Khurana tries knowing from Raghav, if Naina was lying about the baby. He tells Raghav that Naina told him about her pregnancy. He congratulates Raghav about the baby. Raghav denies to be father of the child. Khurana gets suspicious about Naina. Will Raghav find out the surrogacy truth? Keep reading.


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