Omkara to gain support by a fresh clue in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri wins Omkara’s heart by her belief. Omkara feels hugely guilty for stabbing Chulbul. Doctor checks Gauri and treats her at home. Omkara realizes Shwetlana has changed the knife and planned this disaster. Shwetlana acts good to everyone so that they don’t doubt on her. He goes to kill Shwetlana, but the family stops him. Omkara gets too provoked to end Shwetlana’s chapter. Omkara grabs her neck to strangulate her. Tej and Jhanvi stop Omkara. Tej calls Omkara mentally unstable to blame Shwetlana after he himself stabbed Chulbul. He reminds Omkara what bad things he did in the past. Shwetlana gains sympathy from Tej. Tej stands to support Shwetlana. Tej asks Jhanvi to realize Omkara’s mistakes. Tej defends Shwetlana.

Jhanvi asks Shwetlana why did she call her in lawn to open the door at that time. Shwetlana states she is innocent. Jhanvi doubts Shwetlana’s plans and tells Tej that Shwetlana is trying to make Omkara mad. Tej does not believe Jhanvi. Omkara realizes Shwetlana’s plan was to kill Jhanvi. Shwetlana does the act to end all doubts pointed towards her. Tej and Jhanvi end up arguing.

Doctor does the aid to Gauri. He suggests Omkara to get Gauri’s clothes changed. Gauri hides her real identity. Shwetlana fears that she has seen the doctor before. Shwetlana goes to check the doctor. She thinks to attack the doctor, but Omkara comes there in time. Omkara asks Shwetlana to stop these doings. Omkara waits to find her secret to kick her out of house. Shwetlana feels like knowing the doctor. The doctor identifies Shwetlana and hides from her.

Gauri does not let Omkara help her. She changes the clothes herself. Omkara apologizes to Chulbul and hugs. Gauri gets some happiness. Doctor asks Omkara and Jhanvi to take care of Gauri. Doctor tries avoiding Shwetlana. Omkara realizes doctor knows Shwetlana’s past. Shwetlana shamelessly romances Tej. She thanks him for supporting her. Buamaa angrily makes Shwetlana away from Tej.

Doctor recalls the rainy night, when Shwetlana got her friend for treatment at his home. He fears Shwetlana will kill him. Shwetlana decides to kill the doctor to stop her secret from surfacing.


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