Huge drama with Raman’s return in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman breaks the news to Ishita that Shagun lost her child. Ishita tells him about Niddhi cheating them by staying as Tisha. Ishita meets Shagun and expresses grief over her miscarriage. She suggests Shagun to tell everything to Mani. She encourages Shagun to go ahead and share things with Mani. Shagun fears to lose Mani. Ishita assures her support and convinces Shagun. Raman and Ishita want to punish Niddhi for her crimes. Meanwhile, Adi and Ruhi try to hide the launch party event news from Raman. Raman already knows how they both ruined the company’s image. Raman slaps Adi. Raman is ashamed of both of them. He warns to kick them out of the house and asks them to sort their differences. Adi makes a genuine effort to apologize to Ruhi and have a new start. Ruhi insults Adi again. She pledges to prove herself better than Adi in all things. She tells Adi that she has better business sense and capabilities. She decides to make Raman proud of her by focusing on her career. She asks Adi to go and marry, while she will run company alone. Adi gets angry by Ruhi’s insecurities. Ruhi and Adi have huge argument, which affects Aaliya too. Mani and Shagun meet Bhallas to decide Adi and Aaliya’s marriage date. Everyone try to fix the marriage date sooner so that Adi and Aaliya can begin their new life.

Adi refuses to marry Aaliya, by being angry on Ruhi’s words. He also wants to focus on career and earn his respect back. Mani gets heartbroken seeing Adi’s shocking decision. Aaliya understands Adi. Mani decides to get Aaliya marry someone else to teach a lesson to Adi. Raman worries for the relations facing troubles. Ishia pacifies Raman and takes the matter in her hands to restore the old relations between Adi and Ruhi. Can Raman and Ishita strike the right chord and make Ruhi and Adi’s bond better? Keep reading.


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