Veer to divide Rangeela-Shivani away in Ghulaam


Maldawali asks Rangeela to take Shivani to the kitchen, as she is hurt. Rangeela says she can go herself, no need to lift her and take, her legs did not break, you can hold her and take her. Maldawali says Veer has seen you doing the aid to Shivani, so you want to be away from Shivani. She shows his reality to be Veer’s servant and teases him. Shivani hears their arguments. Rangeela refuses to lift Shivani. Rangeela gets angry when Shivani comes to him. He says you don’t look when you smile, I think your fate did not have smiling. She asks him to make her cry if he wants.

He scolds her and asks her to stop this drama. Veer got angry on Rangeela, and asked him not to care for Shivani. Shivani gives sweets to Rangeela. He acts rude to her. She thinks what happened to him. Maldawali gets kheer for Shivani and asks her to have it. Shivani likes the kheer. Maldawali gets confused and waits for Shivani to show some reaction. Rashmi has swapped the kheer and made Shivani eat the normal kheer. Maldawali’s plan fails.


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