Naren’s journey to search answers begins in Piyaa Albela


Pooja is given the task to get Naren back from the path of spirituality. Naren is young and should enjoy life as per his parents. They want him to join the family business, being their only son. Naren has no interest in money, business and love. He wants to lead a simple life. Pooja follows Naren when Naren leaves on a new journey. He joins the saints on a yatra. He wants to find some answers to his questions.

Pooja sees Naren taking a little boy on his shoulders. Naren takes the Bal hanuman on his back. She stops Naren and asks him does he not feel any pain. She shows his bleeding feet. Naren does not care for his wounds. He does not want to go home till he finds answers. Saint tells Pooja that one who cares for other’s wounds does not feel own wounds. Pooja decides to take Naren home. She promises Supriya that she will get Naren home. She feels guilty and realizes Naren is not like she thought. Naren lost his pet because of her. Ram Navami will bring many revelations.


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