Anika and Shivay to realize Mahi’s truth in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay organize a Holi party to know Mahi’s motives and the person behind everything. Kamini tries hiding Soumya. Rudra tries to know about Soumya and asks Mahi to prove his love by drinking more bhaang. Shivay sees Mahi with Rudra. Mahi tells Rudra that he spoke to Soumya. He says Anika and Soumya always question him. He asks what happened to my eyes, Soumya got after me and argued. He does not reveal much. He says Soumya was going to temple, but she failed to go. He tells them that Soumya made him angry and then he reacted…. Kamini finds Mahi drunk and worries that truth can come out.

Anika wishes Shivay a happy Holi. She applies colour to his cheeks with much love. Shivay too wishes her Holi greetings. She asks him to apply colours to make her Holi complete. Shivay finds an unique way to apply colours to her. He gets close to apply her colors by his coloures cheeks. Shivay asks Anika why does she always cry, when there is happiness around. Anika gets emotional that its their first Holi and they are hiding and meeting this way. She regrets that he is not with his family. He calls her his family. Shivay expresses his happiness that lies in hand. Anika gets angry on Mahi. After they share a sweet moment, they meet Mahi, who gets much drunk by Bhaang overdose.

Shivay goes to room to find clue about Mahi. Mahi and Shivay come face to face. Shivay cleverly acts like a mirror image. Mahi talks innocently. Mahi says Shivay has such a good fate, to have a loving family and also a good name. He tells Shivay that he has no father’s name and weeps. Shivay starts feeling for him. Shivay and Anika try to find out Mahi’s background. They realize Mahi is Kamini’s son and also Shivay’s twin. Shivay and Anika learn about Kamini ill treating Mahi and making him fulfill her evil revenge motives. They both decide to teach Kamini a lesson of lifetime. Shivay fears about Priyanka’s pregnancy. He worries that the pregnancy news will be known to everyone soon. Shivay and Anika get the task to find the kidnapper who kept Shivay away from family. Will Ranveer’s crimes be known to Shivay? Will Anika find out Priyanka’s pregnancy truth? Keep reading.


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