Ishita rues for Ruhi-Adi’s bad equations in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi returns in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ruhi humiliates Adi in front of all the guests and media in the product launch party. Ruhi gets mistaken about Adi. She blames him for stealing all her hardwork and credit. She calls Adi jealous. Adi tells her that she has seen the sample card, it was a mistake from printer’s side. Ruhi does not believe Adi. Ishita feels ashamed seeing Ruhi’s behavior. Adi asks Ruhi to stop it. Ruhi insults Adi. She tells everyone that Adi has no business sense, he just invites loss in business, he can’t even fill a tender.

Aaliya and Ishita get angered on Ruhi, after knowing what Adi is going through because of Ruhi. Ishita raises hand to slap Ruhi. She orders Adi to take Ruhi away. Ruhi makes fun of herself by falling low in everyone’s eyes. Ruhi goes in media and comments that Adi will get jealous if reporters take her interview. Adi stops Ruhi. Ruhi does not listen to him. She claims to be better than Adi. She boasts of her capabilities. She laughs on Adi. She claims to run the company alone. Adi scolds the reporters to stop the news byte. Adi’s hand strikes Ruhi unknowingly. The reporters make this a big news. Ishita takes Ruhi home. Aaliya sees Adi shattering.

Ishita worries for informing Raman and fears his reaction on this incident. She fails to see the reality of Ruhi’s hatred for Adi. Ishita could not think Ruhi will come drunk in party and embarrass everyone. She worries for Adi.


Mr. Bhalla reveals to Ishita about the media printing nonsense. Ishita confronts Adi for slapping Ruhi. Adi denies to slap Ruhi. He admits of slapping Ruhi before. Ishita worries seeing Adi and Ruhi fighting. She reminds Ruhi what she did at party. Adi shows the card to clear Ruhi’s misunderstanding. He tells Ishita that just sample cards did not have Ruhi’s name. Ruhi does not believe Adi. Ishita calls Raman home to sort the fight. Mr. Bhalla tells Ishita that Raman would know everything by reading the newspaper. Raman arrives home. He meets Ishita and is glad when Amma talks to him well. He realizes Ishita has proved his innocence in accident case. He thinks to talk to her about Shagun.

Meanwhile, Shagun comes home and fears to tell Mani about her pregnancy truth. She feels guilty seeing him plan things for the baby. She thinks of sharing the bad news with Mani, that she has lost the baby because of Niddhi. She feels bad to break Mani’s happiness. Will Shagun be able to break the shocking news to Mani? Keep reading.


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