Kunal gets heartbroken by Meghna’s step in Swabhimaan


Kunal is annoyed with Meghna as she is given him sorrow by hiding a big thing. Meghna has broken Kunal’s heart. Kunal who madly loves her is much hurt. She tries convincing him and explains that she did not it important to tell him. Kunal does not want to listen anything. He says I was ready to leave house for mum, but still I can’t become her son, you always do this, I could not reply to dad, I did not feel such bad till date. He is frustrated that Meghna did not tell him about taking loan from company and sending to Sharda. He feels she should have told him.

Meghna did not know it will become a big issue. Kunal explains her mistake to not trust him. He says I felt bad as you did not regard it important to share this with me. Meghna tells him that she wanted to take loan, if she told him, he would have given it for free, which she did not wish. He says maybe you should have given me a chance to shared things, even I care for Sharda and your’s self respect. Meghna loves Kunal and is emotionally hurt by his annoyance. She cries and attempts again and again to settle the matter.


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