Chandrakanta to reply Shivdutt’s war initiative


Chandrakanta’s father got ill by the tensions going on. She gets a bad dream and gets worried. She says I won’t let this happen. She rushes to meet her father and asks Choti Maa how is he. Choti Maa scolds her. She says your father is paying the price because of your step, you have risked the entire state by your decision. Her father is worried by Shivdutt’s warnings.

Chandrakanta refused to Shivdutt’s proposal. He has kept the condition that Chandrakanta should come to him as Daasi, else he will declare the war. Her father told Shivdutt that they will fight for their dignity, and not accept failure before fighting. Chandrakanta feels guilty and does not want the innocent state people to get punished. She will take the things in her hands. She will stand as a strong woman. She gets to know about her mum’s past. Her father tells her the past.

Chandrakanta says I got to know today what happened with you, you are alive, I will surely meet you. She gets to know injustice happened with her inlaws. She is angry on the people who took away his mum and tortured her. She talks to her mum’s pic and sheds tears. Virendra is not getting the Tilismi key. He takes an oath and tells Marich that he will not meet Chandrakanta now. Even then, Chandrakanta and Virendra come face to face. How will Chandrakanta answer Shivdutt’s move? Keep reading.


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