Khushi to begin family politics in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar makes Piyush leave the house. Simar has taken an important decision. She tells Mata ji and family that Piyush will not stay here. Piyush has realized his mistakes. He is now facing problems when he turned good. Simar wants Piyush to regret his doings. Simar and Mata ji explained him much about Vaidehi, but he trusted Vaidehi. Simar is hurt that Piyush did not trust Simar and risked Roshni’s life. She does not want to forgive Piyush so easily. She wants Piyush to realize mistake totally and repent.

Khushi makes an entry home along with Sankalp. He asks the family to let Khushi stay with them. He tells everyone that Khushi is unwell and facing troubles. He asks them to give a second chance to Khushi. He says Khushi has no money to have food, she was begging in temple for some food. Simar agrees to Sankalp. The family is good hearted and agree to keep Khushi. Khushi sheds tears and gets their sympathy. Khushi thanks everyone for accepting and forgiving her. Simar asks her not to have any misunderstanding. She says we are giving you a chance to stay here, but if you do something wrong, I won’t wait for a minute to kick you out of house. Khushi thinks to divide and rule the family like before.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Simar to give her 25 lakhs for lip surgery. Simar asks Anjali why does she want to get surgery done when she is already pretty. Anjali says everyone does this in modelling world. Anjali keeps her demands and asks her to just give money. Simar says your demand is not right and I can’t give you money. Anjali gets annoyed and compares Simar with Prem. She says Prem would have given me money without asking the reason. Simar does not agree to Anjali and stays strict. How will Simar manage things? Keep reading.


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