Veer to punish Rangeela and Shivani in Ghulaam


After the ten days completion, Shivani is weighed again. Gulguli does not want any issue in font of ArdhNageshwar, so she is weighing Shivani again to test her. Maldawali jokes that Shivani has no tension on her face. She asks Shivani is she not scared of the test. She says Shivani is sure that she has gained 10 kgs. Gulguli says we don’t want to depend on her belief, but I m also sure as Shivani has eaten all those things which we told her. She says ArdhNageshwar said he will come here only after we inform him about the task completion.

She does not want any mistake to happen. She makes Shivani sit in the weigh machine. Veer and everyone get to know Shivani’s weight is still less. They all get worried. Rangeela was given the task to make Shivani gain weight. Rangeela tells them that this can’t happen, I have checked her weight at night and it was as much as we wanted.

Rangeela gets scolded as Shivani’s weight is less. Veer gets angry. Rangeela falls in trouble. The family does not want to lie to ArdhNageshwar. Shivani cries seeing Rangeela in problem. Rangeela gets worried. Maldawali has planned to make Shivani lose weight by adding something in her diet. She wanted to break Rangeela and Shivani’s bond. Veer punishes Rangeela and Shivani once again. He asks Rangeela to drive the bike, while Shivani is tied by ropes and is dragged by the bike. Rangeela is helpless to obey to Veer. Veer can do anything to torture Shivani. He wants Shivani to get hungry and eat food to meet their requirements.


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