Bhanushalis to get Teni married in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni does not know any household work. Parth and Shorvori think to explain this to dlers. Parth gets stuck in his kurta and shouts. Shorvori helps him and asks how did this happen. Parth says this happened because of Teni, I asked her to stitch button and she stitched the neck cloth, she does not know any work, she is not ready for marriage. Shorvori tells Dada and Dadi that Teni should learn things fast then they can think of her marriage.

Shorvori and Parth do not want Teni’s marriage to happen. Dadi says Teni will learn everything, this same thing happened with me, when I was newly married and I stitched your Dada’s kurta wrong, he got stuck in kurta, look at me now, I m managing the things so well, don’t worry for Teni, I will teach her. Parth and Shorvori worry as their plan failed. A lady who has hit someone by her car, argues with Teni for removing the car tyre. Teni teaches the lady a lesson. The lady threatens to call police. Teni threatens to reveal the lady’s affair to her husband. The lady gets worried and stops Teni.


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