Devanshi and Ishwar to join hands against Kusum Sundari


Devanshi frees Ishwar. She plan to reveal Ishwar’s state to Vardaan. Devanshi acts clever and causes Kusum Sundari to worry. Everyone is shocked to find Ishwar alive. They all pity his state. Kusum Sundari blames Sarla to be behind this conspiracy. She expresses her happiness on seeing Ishwar back. There are many questions raised on her, as she is a Mata and could not figure out if her husband is alive.

Ishwar’s return makes Kusum Sundari worry the most, as he knows all her dark secrets. Devanshi meets Ishwar and asks him about revealing Kusum Sundari’s truth. Ishwar tells her that Kusum Sundari is not real mother of Vardaan. Devanshi gets a big shock knowing his truth. She understands this is the reason by which Kusum Sundari planned to murder Vardaan. Devanshi and Ishwar get together to ruin Kusum Sundari’s reign. Vardaan hears them talking and gets a huge shock by the truth. Devanshi challenges Kusum Sundari to open fight and win if possible. Kusum Sundari wants to get rid of Ishwar. She fails in her attempts as Devanshi is always with Ishwar. Kusum Sundari makes a plan to insult Devanshi in front of the villagers.


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