Life threatening situation for Omkara and Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara and Gauri look for the doctor, unknown to the fact that the place is much occupied by the snakes sent by Shwetlana. Buamaa asks Tej to have the food made by Shwetlana. Tej is in hurry, but sits to have it. Buamaa says its special rotis. Shwetlana boasts of her culinary skills. Buamaa asks Shwetlana to eat roti first. Gauri unknowingly catches a snake. She gets scared and runs to hug Omkara. Buamaa serves the bad rotis to Tej. She gives the bhaang roti to Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets fooled and eats the roti. Omkara and Gauri try to leave from the house. They get shocked seeing too many snakes in the house. Omkara wonders how to leave from here. Gauri has her belief in Lord. Shwetlana loses her mind and dances in bhaang effect.

Tej, Jhanvi and Buamaa get entertained. Omkara tries to keep the snakes away. Omkara and Gauri feel getting close to death. He tells Gauri something he did not share with anyone till now. He tells her about meeting Gauri in Bareilly and marrying her. He feels bad to leave Gauri. He thinks to meet Gauri once and apologize. Gauri flows in emotions. She asks what do you want to tell Gauri. Omkara misses Gauri. Gauri feels miserable to hide her identity from Omkara. She thinks of not lying to Omkara anymore.

Dr. Dang comes to save them. Omkara alerts him that his life is in danger. Dr. Dang refuses to tell them anything. He sprays the snake repellent and asks them to go home.

Omkara and Gauri head for home. Omkara does not get any info from the doctor. Gauri plans to tell everything to Omkara. Shwetlana asks Gauri what happened there, did the doctor die. Gauri says we did not find anyone. Shwetlana realizes the doctor is alive. Gauri wants to leave the decision on Omkara and goes to tell him the entire truth. Shwetlana prepares to kill the doctor.


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