Kaushalya to end ties with Raghav in Mere Angne Mein


Kaushalya is mistaken and thinks Raghav has an affair with Manorama. She argues with Shanti and asks her to do something for her. She says Raghav never got sarees for me this way, what proof do you want. Raghav comes home and asks Kaushalya what is she saying, did she go mad. She says yes I have gone mad as you have cheated me. She shouts and fights with Raghav. She says you have settled with someone else. She asks Shanti to take a decision for her life. She wants justice to happen.

She asks Shanti to give her an answer. Raghav got the sarees for Kaushalya to convince her, but Kaushalya got misunderstanding. Kaushalya gets angry and burns the saree. She insults Manorama. Raghav, Shanti and Manorama get disappointed seeing Kaushalya’s remarks. Nimmi supports Kaushalya, while Raghav fumes seeing their madness. Nimmi has sent the video of Raghav and Kaushalya recalling old days and singing songs. Shanti and Raghav are already surrounded by many problems regarding Shivam. Kaushalya declares to end relations with Raghav. How will they manage Kaushalya? Keep reading.



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