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Mere Angne Mein: Kaushalya is mistaken and thinks Raghav has an affair with Manorama. She argues with Shanti and asks her to do something for her. She says Raghav never got sarees for me this way, what proof do you want. Raghav comes home and asks Kaushalya what is she saying, did she go mad. She says yes I have gone mad as you have cheated me. She shouts and fights with Raghav. She says you have settled with someone else. She asks Shanti to take a decision for her life. She wants justice to happen.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Bhabho will be getting Kanak and Uma married, when Kanak was trying to do something for Bhabho. Kanak runs away from the marriage, as she does not want to get trapped in marriage. The ladies catch up Kanak and tie her with ropes to get her back to the venue. Kanak did not expect Bhabho to do this with her. How will Kanak succeed?

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Neil and Avni have a dance. Neela comes there in disguise of Charlie Chaplin. Neela had to come as she could not get any artist play Ananya’s mum. Neela could not come in normal getup as Dayavanti would have identified her. She dresses as Charlie and meets Dayavanti after many years. They come face to face. Dayavanti welcomes her as Ananya’s mum and pays respects. Neil has come in the party to find out about Ananya’s pendant. Riya tries to dance with Neil, but he chooses to dance with Avni. Riya and Ali perform dance together. Neela and Avni wait to meet Aman, who is coming home. There will be happy and emotional moments.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
After a new leap, Raja and Rani still are same. Raja teaches her self defense techniques. He is Rani’s bodyguard. He then kidnaps Rani to test her skills. She did not expect him to kidnap her. Raja’s motives will be coming to the surface.


Devanshi frees Ishwar. She plan to reveal Ishwar’s state to Vardaan. Devanshi acts clever and causes Kusum Sundari to worry. Everyone is shocked to find Ishwar alive. They all pity his state. Kusum Sundari blames Sarla to be behind this conspiracy. She expresses her happiness on seeing Ishwar back. There are many questions raised on her, as she is a Mata and could not figure out if her husband is alive.


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