Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji – Kanak lands home


Kanak returns to Pushkar after 5 years. She completes her graduation. She hopes to win Bhabho’s love. Bhabho thinks she is coming, but I will make her away forever. Kanak feels Sooraj and Sandhya’s essence in hanuman gali. She prays to get someone who makes her win Bhabho’s love. Bhabho thinks of get her married and send her away from the home. Bhabho has always been avoiding her since childhood. Kanak and Uma get into an argument on their first meeting. Kanak does not know the reason why Bhabho hates her. Bhabho believes that Kanak is not like Sooraj and Sandhya. She holds Kanak responsible for her dear ones’ death.

When Kanak lands home, she observes Bhabho’s sorrow on seeing her. Kanak leaves from home to get something for Bhabho. She wants to win Bhabho’s heart. She goes to the bus stop to get tickets. Vansh worries for her as she is travelling alone and calls her. He asks her to let him come along. She refuses. He says you can buy my ticket, I will be there in some time, I promise I won’t see your friend. Kanak asks him to stop nonsense and not worry for him. Kanak determines to impress Bhabho. Bhabho manages Kanak Sweet shop, while planning to find an alliance for her. Bhabho selects Uma Shankar for Kanak. Kanak and Uma will be getting married in upcoming track.


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