Kartik to leave Goenka house in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira has many doubts in her heart. She thinks if she would get a mother, father and a Dadi in her inlaws, just like she had in her family. She wonders if she will have Grah Pravesh in Goenka family as a daughter. Goenkas welcome her heartily as their daughter in law. they have many expectations from Naira. Suwarna reminds Naira her promise to make Kartik stay back with them. Kartik overhears Suwarna insisting Naira to stay with them forever.

Kartik argues with Manish and Suwarna. He tells Suwarna that he will not accept as her mother, as his mother has died many years ago. Manish asks him to just shut up, and respect Suwarna. Kartik tells his decision of leaving his home along with Naira. He says I m going to leave the house, and got my bags packed. Dadi sadly reacts, I would have died before seeing this day. Dadi stops Kartik. Kartik says I told Suwarna to stay away from Naira, but she does not listen, she is using Naira’s innocence and playing games with us. Dadi asks what did Suwarna do. Kartik asks Suwarna to say. Suwarna says we wanted Naira’s happiness, knowing your happiness is in her happiness.

Suwarna wanted Naira to end their distance with Kartik. She says we know Naira will be happy staying here. Kartik refuses to them. He says if you want to keep us here forcibly, we will not stay and leave. Kartik thinks Suwarna is blackmailing Naira and planning to stop them here. Suwarna does not want Kartik to go away and requests Naira. Naira is not at home and went for Pagphere ritual. Kartik apologizes to Dadi and asks her to just bless him, and let him go for his happiness. Dadi blesses Kartik and permits him to go. Suwarna is sure that Naira will get Kartik back.


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